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Virtuous Payments

Virtuous Payments-Canada's Fastest Growing Payment Provider!

There are countless different jargon in the payments industry, Virtuous Payments, is a payment provider that partners with various payment processor that fit best with your business. We allow all businesses / Merchants to accept electronic payments through In-person via payment terminal or via online services such as E-Commerce.

Debit Card Payment

Today, there are several methods of payment such as credit cards, Crypto-Currency, bank-based methods such as: direct debit, check-transfer, Interac-Debit and even real-time bank transfer with your online banking (swift). Payment providers manage networks between Card Brands and Banks and make sure businesses and customers are easily connected.

Its fees are levied in many ways, such as a fixed cost per transaction or a percentage of each transaction and there are also stand-alone fees. Virtuous Payments is becoming Canada's fastest growing payment providers because we show you what everything means. Because of our great education for business owners and merchants and our countless years of experience in Electronic Payments, Virtuous Payments Puts your business first.

Have a look at the services provided by Virtuous Payments! Read on ...

1.      Counter top terminal (s)

 Counter top terminal (s) provide high security to protect credit card information through high performance and high speed. Point of sale terminals / counter top terminal (s) are perfect for retail and we accept payments in person, they are used in environments such as food services, convenience stores, retail stores, checkout counters, Automotive, showrooms warehouses single or multi -lane service environments.


2.      Short Range Wireless Terminals

Short Range Wireless Terminals help to deliver to customer service experience by allowing customers to accept payments at the table through Bluetooth / Wi-Fi option (s) With an innovative touch screen interface which helps in speedy payments. It is a reliable way to merchants to accept payments anywhere within their retail / restaurant Environment using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It accepts all cards, chip and magnetic stripe payment options. Also with features such as it is pre-authorization and completion for credit cards.


3.      Long Range Wireless Terminals

Long Range Wireless Terminals help to provide customer service built for high paced business and to make a convenient user experience. It helps those people such as contractors on the go or even food trucks and delivery drivers on the street that do not have internet and need a payment processing solutiontheir business takes them. The small, portable, handheld VX 680 provides merchants with an innovative touch-screen interface. It also perfect for business outside of a regular environment and provides them easy and speedy payment service.


4.      Online Payment

If you do not need a Traditional Terminal, then Virtuous Payments has simple solutions for you! That's Right! Credit Card Transactions can be accepted by merchants without having to purchase POS terminals or expensive hardware or software. It's easy and simple and all you need is an internet connection and web browser. Alongside that, it provides certain benefits such as lower credit cards acceptance rates in a cards not present environment. Our Virtual Terminal also allows you to create unlimited user accounts, allowing different authorizations for different employees which allows for customization of the terminal layout and even exported transaction data to CSV and ideal to take the phone in orders.






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