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Altavista Group conservative position in million-dollar technology contracts


A socially responsible company with the global presence can be the one with the reach not only with the government, investors, organizations with non-profit motives but also with those with giving its effort into the field of education, education, and employment along with opportunities that lead to giving opportunities to every section of the society. Our company “Grupo Altavista” along with a global presence in the innovation and quality with a major development in the sector of Oil and Gas, Health and Education. The security and services along with the information technology and the building which is the turnkey projects of the company has already made it one of the most reputable firms.

Socially responsible company for second consecutive years

To add to the socially responsible services the company has given its impetus towards one of the most innovative and quality managed organizations with being the socially responsible company for the second consecutive years. The company has made its achievement towards the field of education; wellness and intercultural understanding and the name Grupo Altavista have been known for not practicing unethical marketing tactics to promote its products. The services of the company towards creating the positive impact on the organizations and the local community have helped it to make its mark in the various fields which can be classified as follows:

Pro-poor policy

With the company investing towards education and development of the slum children, it has given the reputation of a company with global representation. Also, developing the local group with the best of the investment which is towards giving a major fillip to the sustainable development of the organizations along with building a reputation within the Government and also at the same time reputation management being the research factor for most of the organizations it has become a forceful factor for the company. The socially aware person who is rapidly emerging within its sector has certainly become progressive in its own ways. 

Ranks of socially responsible companies

With a continuous global reputation in developing the local community and also helping them to get the best within the limited resources our company through environmental sustainability which helps in getting the potable water along with the growth of forest and development of the ecological systems. In this way, one can say that the company has put its effort into developing not only as one of the world’s best-managed company but giving more than what they are getting through their earnings. In this way, one can say that the whole of the company along with its workforce has made a mark.  


The major certifications

If we talk about our company then our approach towards developing the environment can be seen through the certifications which it has got through the below mention certification:

NMX-SAA-14001-IMNC-2015 / ISO 14001: 2015

Environmental Management System

Certification with the details about environment management system has been given into the above paragraphs and not only the growth along with expansion and profitability at the same time giving our operational team a fundamental responsibility of quality control along with the reputation of the locality to grow at the same time. The similar other certifications which are inclined towards the growth of the organizations along with its employees the understanding behind is of the total growth and not only the functional growth of the company “Grupo Altavista” and being the forbearer of the social  with giving the services of education and health at the same time getting more out of the company through strengthening the poverty, education and health being the primitive factor making the company one of the better one within  a limited resources of time.

Reputed company associations

Our company associations with some of the most reputed companies which give its importance to social responsibilities show that we have made a mark through our progressive thoughts. If our company goes through building reputation then it has got associated with Oracle, RedHat, Dell, IBM, HP and also with some of the companies which are into telecommunications and logical security at the same time following the global supply chain responsibility with diversity in hiring along with the fund community action which is allocated towards the social measures has given the reputation of some of the most profitable ventures.

Thus earning the “reputation management” as the factor of the company’s growth and development is not only a necessity but also the company shot to fame within short duration by taking the social responsibilities and thus changing the society as a whole. 

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