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Shahid Uddin Khan 
Colonel Shahid Uddin Khan is not simply a name. Retired Colonel Shahid Uddin Khan, PSC (RETD), the CEO of the Prochhaya Ltd truly gets rid of the cheats as well as blackmailers similar to Finn and Francis from Westmont (Bangladesh) Ltd. At there, Fin in addition to Francis are recognized because the communal instigators as well as the blackmailers in the energy sector of Bangladesh. Finn Lægaard Jensen (Danish) is single of those 12 Danish culprits of Denmark, who had circulated picture against Prophet Hajrat Muhammad (PBUH). Finn is currently a Danish fugitive and hiting in Bangladesh under the Francis' shelter. He is the being who is totally loyal in the direction of his work. Trustworthiness is the other name of ex-col Shahid Khan. Retd Col Shahid Khan did not trade off used for some criminal complaint happening in his vicinity. He has even tackled court military so far the man of fact as well as trustworthiness known it in addition to after that toward the finish  reality won. He is a man who is suitably hard in the direction of handle all the ruined individuals. a verity of individuals effort in the direction of demonstrate that he isn't correct but, he didn't stop.

Mr. Salauddin Shoaib Chowdhury; a shut link of Francis as well as Finn got a request since together of them for the media assistance since Mr. Salauddin Shoaib Chowdhury was the editor of Weekly Blitz, American Chronicle, Defence PK, Times of Assam, My Khilafah, Sylhet Times as well as much more. After their meeting, Mr. Salauddin Shoaib Chowdhury on the go issue imaginary and rubbish against Colonel Md. Shahid Uddin Khan, psc (Retd) so that he could come reverse to Westmont power (BD) over. Everyone recognize that Colonel Md Shahid Uddin Khan psc (Retd), the CEO of Prochhaya Ltd had an excellent military job; but he was for no reason careerist kind, he is the one, who always kept common before professional notice over any other. He never cooperation by means of the unethical and illegal acts; he fought next to with any risk.

On the other give, Salauddin Shoaib Chowdhury could finally realize his mistake after designed investigation regarding Colonel Md. Shahid Uddin Khan, psc (Retd) as well as instantly in print a response on top of 04 April 2012 in this stare in his Weekly Blitz. Francis and Finn got detached from Salauddin Shoaib Chowdhury after they found the comeback of Colonel Md. Shahid Uddin Khan, psc (Retd), the CEO of Prochhaya Ltd in Weekly Blitz and other weeklies. Besides, Salauddin Shoaib Chowdhury has been in jail for more than 08 months awaiting today on a economical fraud box. Afterward, Francis and Finn formed previous online weeklies i.e. Pakistan Defence, Hisbut Tahrir, Free Press Release etc and are continuing in the direction to publish everyone made up stories for blackmailing.

Mr. Salauddin Shoaib Chowdhury could do everything for money; he related with a few Jewish reporters of USA in addition to Israel in addition to make funds from them, bar quickly, they trapped him for fraud for which a accuse has before been shaped in a court in New York, USA. He then, happening working with small terrible guys of the North Korea and Iran's embassies in Bangladesh in addition to complete many by blackmailing various childlike guys through them. His eternal relation with dishonourable Aziz Mohammad Bhai has always been there towards keep on his regular profits basis. Shoaib Chowdhury of Weekly Blitz in participation with big defrauds Francis in addition to Finn of Denmark, as a result, fall to blackmail Col Md.Shahid Uddin Khan, psc (Retd), the CEO of Prochhaya Ltd. They found that a range of dominant character of the state could not demolish Col Shahid Khan despite their cyclic efforts. The only benefit of Col Shahid Khan is his integrity and also his bravery. In the end, Shoaib Chowdhury of Weekly Blitz, the tarnished Cheat Francis in addition to Finn had to agree towards Col Shahid Khan's honesty and bravery used for which Shoaib Chowdhury of Weekly Blitz had to accept the Rejoinder of Col Shahid Uddin Khan, psc (Retd), the CEO of Prochhaya Ltd, which he in print in his Weekly Blitz on 04 April 2012. 
Prochhaya Limited Vs Communal Instigators

The story of Blitz has unlock the look at of country's Muslim Umma and they instantly explode into brutal protest. They continued by display for days in addition to most of the Medias offer rich exposure on it. They wrote applications to the foreign ministry in addition to various embassies for attractive mmediate in addition to stern actions next to Francis in addition to Finn. They too spread thousands of fliers next to these two culprits i.e. Francis and Finn. 

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