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About previous Army Officer Colonel Shahid Uddin Khan

Colonel Shahid Uddin Khan is not simply a name. He is somebody who has sacrificed his field job for the justification of openness plus fairness. Ex Col Shahid Khan is one of those impressive famous people who have forfeited his brilliant line of work for fighting against the despoiled set. He is a armed guy who is honest also has courage to act the administration. Colonel Shahid Uddin Khan is the single who is totally sacred towards his piece of work. integrity is the name of previous Colonel Shahid Khan. We often observe the governmental gathering reporting on every further that the other face is entirelly debased but the reality is to all the political gathering are faulty and sullied.

Retired Colonel Shahid Uddin Khan, psc, the CEO of Prochhaya Ltd has kicked out the  brave man of 1/11 Like Francis also Finn from the power of Westmont In the year 2012. Francis also Finn, the Danish Cartoonist on Hazrat Muhammad have been extract the people in power sector pro more than a decade. During 1/11 they could make a space in DGFI via carot Lieutenant Colonel Afzal as well as replacement Colonel Saif Zoarder. Retired Col Shahid Khan did not have the same opinion pro any black act up in his beingness. He has even faced risk martial bar the guy of trueness and openenss known it also then at the last fact come first. Facing large problem but still standing determined to show the fact is not the cup of tea of each one] {and you want to be potent for this. Retd Col Shahid Khan is a guy who is physically powerful sufficient toward run everyone the corrupted group.

Many set tried near explain that Retired Col Shahid Khan is incorrect but he did not give up and still work hard toward give his level top used for the corrupted group! You might have read lots of piece next to Retired Col Shahid Khan anywhere but the fact is that it is not a informal activity to stand alone also fight for the reality. It is not at all simple to walk only on the route of right report. Hats off to the leader man who is at rest standing next to all the disapproval around him.

Col Md Shahid Uddin Khan, psc (Retd), the CEO of Prochhaya Ltd had thrown Francis also Finn Lagaard from Westmont Power (BD) Ltd, the most wanted wrong in the Energy area of Bangladesh. Francis and Finn thenceforth get help of media from their peer Mr. Salauddin Shoaib Chowdhury who is the editor of 'Weekly Blitz', 'Times of Assam', 'American Chronicle', 'Defence PK', 'My Khilafah', 'Sylhet Times' etc and started issue all unreal tale next to Colonel Md. Shahid Uddin Khan, psc (Retd), the CEO of Prochhaya Ltd so that he could reply to Westmont Power (Bangladesh) Ltd. bar the strength of Col Md. Shahid Uddin Khan was famous near everyone, who did not be uncertain to give up his famous vocation. Consequently, what to tell about cooperation by the culprits, cash launderer, cheat and many extra for example Francis and Finn, against whom there are many illegal cases in test in the lower also high courts.

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