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Arrival instructions from the center of Israel to amirim

1.Through Highway 2 (Hachof)+Highway4.

Go north and take a right in Zikhron Ya'aqov interchange to Highway 70. Keep driving on Highway 70 until you reach Achihud junction (about a one hour ride in a reasonable speed), crossing over Yoqne'am, taking a right in Yagur junction, then a right and an immediate left on Somech junction and then straight ahead until Achihud junction (all on Highway 70).
In Achihud junction, take a right to Highway 85, towards Karmi'el and keep going until Hannania junction (Sheva junction), while crossing over Karmi'el and Rame. In Hannania junction take a left to Highway 866 towards Zefat.
After 5 kilometer you will reach Amirim, on your right.

2. Through Highway 6 (Hoze Israel):

Go north down Wadi Ara (Earon creek) interchange, take a right turn to Highway 65. Drive straight on Highway 65 up to Kadarim junction (Nahal Amud junction), about a one hour ride in a reasonable speed; on your way, you will cross over the Sargel road, over Afula (there is a new road that bypasses Afula from the north), cross Golani junction towards north and arrive to Kadarim junction. In Kadarim junction, take a left turn to Highway 85 (towards Akko and Karmi'el) and keep driving for about 3 kilometers until Hannania junction (Sheva junction). Take a right turn to Highway 866 towards Zefat. After 5 kilometer you will reach

.Amirim, on your right



Mazal shel zimmer


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